Thursday, October 17, 2013

In 1980, under the leadership of Late Dr.B.L.Maheshwari, Centre for Organization Development (COD) was set up to enable the organizations build internal capabilities for sustained growth, with core values of client satisfaction, academic excellence, personal and professional growth, focus on future and financial viability.
COD’s contribution to excellence

In pursuance of its core values of high standards of quality and personal excellence, Centre for Organizational Development has constituted the V. Krishnamurthy Award for Excellence, to honour individuals who have set high standards of achievement in pursuit of excellence in their respective professions. Since 2001, the Award has honoured 11 individuals who have set their mark in …..
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Though the main clientele of COD has been large Manufacturing companies, it also recognizes the need to nurture the booming Service sector, including the Software sector. COD has been promoting research in management and assisting the organizations to develop their capability and improving their effectiveness through seminars, conferences, provision of expert advice, guidance and developing new and innovative training programmes that are tailor-made to the specific needs of the client. And the journey of Organization Development continues……….

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  1. It been a great pleasure to read this sort of blog, but when I look at the modernization and it's implementation I feel glad that there is no more backwardness are in modern era , well I was looking to make you know more ways through which you can get more knowledge that how to build up or transform your organization in the best way well I really appreciate your thinking and your effort!